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The precinct
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Made for people

Today, being innovative involves more than just focusing on the latest technology or the smartest solu­tions. It also means catering to the fact that employees need and want to meet and interact with others. That’s why we’ve paid such close attention in Mingard to providing quality recreational areas with feel-good vibes for the people who work here.

Vibrancy and action

The complex on the Hufelandplatz site, comprising four very different buildings that cover a total surface area of more than 100,000 m2, creates a vibrant aura of urbanity in the north of Munich. Alongside flexible office areas and space for trade and industry, the site also offers scope for a flourishing infrastructure – with hotels, cafés, restaurants, gym areas and shops with local amenities.

The first building to open will be the Rock on the south-west corner of Mingard. The remain­ing buildings will open in anticlockwise order. In other words, the second construction phase will focus on the Valley on the south-east corner of the site, followed by the precinct’s eye-catcher, the 60-metre-high Peak. Last but not least comes the Base, a six-storey building that will house trade and industry, office spaces, a supermarket and other local amenities.

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A meeting place
with good vibes

The centerpiece of Mingard: the new Hufelandplatz site

Featuring lush landscaping, an extensive pedestrian zone and a balanced variety of culinary establishments, this square is a place where people will enjoy relaxing and interacting with others. Mingard plans to include a rooftop bar, a deli and a restaurant to imbibe the open areas with even more life and vibrancy. Last but not least, a supermarket, gym facilities and additional shops will cater to the daily needs of those who work and visit here.

Mixed usage in Mingard


68,500 m²

Long-stay hotel

4,000 m²


15,400 m²

Food & Drink

1,500 m²


4,000 m²


800 m²


9,000 m²

Local Amenities

800 m²

Rooftop Bar

60 m above ground level

The top of mingard

A bird’s eye view of the world

High up on the 16th floor of the PEAK, you’ll feel like you’re stepping out into the clouds the moment you exit the lift. Some 60 metres above ground level, the rooftop bar here exudes a relaxed lounge atmosphere. Allow your gaze to sweep over Munich’s northern skyline and across to the distant foothills of the Alps while you discuss new projects with business partners or simply enjoy a relaxing after-work drink. This is a place where horizons broaden.

Resource efficiency –
for the sake of our planet

A meeting place
with great vibes

Made for people

Facts and figures

15 facts abour Mingard
#01AddressHufelandstraße 4–8 / Knorrstraße 138, 80937 Munich
#02MobilityFive-minute walk to the U2 underground station, bus stop right next to the site, five-minute drive to the A 9 motorway and inner-city ring, future plans to open an S-Bahn train station close by the site
#03Size of siteApprox. 36,000 m²
#04 Rental space ROCK – 1st construction phaseApprox. 19,500 m²
#05Rental space VALLEY – 2nd construction phaseApprox. 40,500 m²
#06Rental space PEAK – 3rd construction phaseApprox. 29,000 m²
#07Rental space BASE – 4rd construction phaseApprox. 15,500 m²
#08CompletionROCK by 2025 | VALLEY by 2025 | PEAK by 2026 | BASE by 2026
#09Car parking spacesApprox. 975
#10Intended usesOffices, trade and industry, hybrid, hotel, long-stay hotel, catering establishments, gym, local amenities
#11Ceiling loadOffice spaces 5 kN/m², trade and industry up to 10 kN/m²
#12Ceiling heightTrade and industry areas approx. 3 m, hybrid approx. 4 m
#13Façade grid 1.35 m
#14Office layoutFlexible and highly efficient building structure allows for agile workplaces (potential for single or combined office pods, open plan office space, multi-space offices)
#15FacilitiesSpacious terraces, outside staircase with recreational appeal, enclosed gardens, welcoming outdoor courtyard